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Leader & Mods

Notable Members

Some of the best of the worst in the COMMIEVERSE, past and present

Former Leaders & Mods

A list of former members, gone but not forgotten (but we wish they were)


Friend Zone

  • Jorgan - Split Friend Zone off
  • Shik


  • Capitaler - Retired from Rust
  • Cal Worthington - Rage quit because Taylor called him a fucknut
  • Ashy - Rage quit because God knows what set him off this time
  • Gmach - Rage quit because Taylor wouldn't let him harass people
  • Future - Rage quit because Taylor wouldn't let him create a Battlefield splinter group
  • Rejdukien
  • Hazlen
  • Lancek
  • Peaches


  • Chaosorb - ORANGE MAN BAD
  • Snazzle - Couldnt handle getting bullied about his nuclear 2016 Election takes
  • Scarybagels - Banned for pedophilia
  • Tallgeese - Banned for pedophilia
  • Shadowgate - Rage quit over Trump winning
  • Katy Perrys Milk Tits - Ragequit because someone disagreed with him over what a Rust item was called
  • Ass-Haggis - One too many microaggressions
  • Hindered - No one played PUBG with him. Press F.

Enemies & Rivals



  • Koal Krew - The most elite and delicious group in WTT
  • Virtual Bois - Second most elite group, boys who do VR
  • Gaymers - People who play games in a gaming group
  • Lord of the Waifus - Real Ones tm who love anime
  • BEEFY BOYS - Originally a split group, now actually good
  • Fucko Foundry - Ive said enough already
  • Goons - yikes
  • COMMUNISM Historical Society - The keepers of the flame, the maintainers of the wiki, the remembers of things.