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{{Infobox person
| name              =  Ben Smash
| name              =  Ben Smash
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Ben Smash
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Ben upon hearing the bull is ready to be prepped
Benjamin Smash

NationalityTankie American
Other namesBen
EducationBegging his way there
OccupationFounder/Leader of Serious Overchill
Years active2016-Current

Ben Smash is the leader and founder of the SomethingAwful group known as Serious Overchill. He has most commonly been described as Bizarro Taylor Swift, just as Serious Overchill is a Bizarro BMW.


Clown World War I

Bens Big Beg

Taylor finds it in his heart to help out a humble man.
Taylors very generous offer to Ben.

On October 16th, 2019, GESTAPO found that Ben had created a GoFundMe [1] to fund his return to college. The good people in BEEFY BOYS jumped at the opportunity to help out Ben, with Taylor even going as far to offer a substantial chunk of wealth, but unfortunately Ben cucked out.