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* Official font was Trajan Pro

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Friend Zone
FZ Logo
2nd and most notable banner of COMMIEverse Era Friend Zone
Panda Logo
The official COMMIEverse Era mascot
PredecessorCOMMUNISM, Vox Radix, Umbral Sect
FormationApril 3, 2012; 8 years ago (2012-04-03)
TypeWorld of Warcraft Guild
StatusActive (Outside the COMMIEverse)
HeadquartersDarkspear US
Guild Leader

Friend Zone is a World of Warcraft raiding guild on the US Darkspear server. The guild served as the catalyst for the reuniting of many of the core group members from the old days of Gorgonnash and acted as a launching pad for COMMUNISM to reform later on.




After the failure of the 2nd COMMUNISM in late 2008/early 2009, the more active raiders split off into actual raiding guilds. Specifically, Nawp and Jessikuh who went onto join more prestigious raiding guilds on Gorgonnash such as lmperium and Umbral Sect. However, at a certain point Gorgonnash and its guilds were no longer providing the level of progression they desired, so the duo transferred to Darkspear to join the guild Vox Radix in July of 2010.

However, in April of 2012, they had grown weary of the raiding pace in the a hardcore guild such as Vox, and left to form their own guild.


Formation & Early Days

With the newly formed guild, Jessikuh would contact many of the old Gorgonnash friends to come back. Prude, Shaynuh, Mandapanda, and Shelarahn were all invited via Facebook chats and encouraged to return from the game, for some after several years of hiatus. Since many of the old gang was returning after a long time, the first few weeks were spent leveling and trying to get into contact with old friends trying to lure them back to the game. Once most everyone was to the appropriate level, the guild began venturing into Raid Finder, and eventually into doing their own Normal Mode raids.

The first scandal of the guild came when several of the core members became angry that Nawp wasnt listening to anyone on the direction the guild should take, and as such split off in protest into Clavo. The situation resolved itself within a few days, with Nawp agreeing to be more mindful of everyone elses wishes, and the guild resumed as normal.

By August, the guild was clearing Hard Mode Dragon Soul, killing Madness of Deathwing Hard on August 17th. At one point, there was up to 3 weekly raid groups including alts going.

Mist of Pandaria



Post COMMIEverse



  • Official font was Trajan Pro