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Working list for the 2019 Bimmies thats not hidden on my hard drive. Also includes notes/explanations so I can remember things when time to have the voting begins and then later on for production.


  • Maybe do an excellence award for absolute banger happenings ie Japan Trip, 2016 Election, etc
  • Event of the Year? Like a best game night or watch night
  • Anime/Media category?
  • Should those we lost become just a yearly retrospective as well as those who died

Bimmer of the Year

  • Alex
  • Doc
  • Orkle
  • Bear

BEEFSTER of the Year

  • Taylor
  • Cheese
  • CST

Melty of the Year


Kim having a massive melty over Taylor being "alt-right" and bitching that we ruined the name BMW. Screenshots in the March 19 folder. His continued melty in July adds to this nomination. Hes a lock tbqh. Oh God hes def a lock. tbqh I dont know what to do here anymore dude meltied then glow up'd. Does that make the melty better or disqualify. IDK!!!

Disqualified 10/19: Melty forgiven


Doxxing himself to 8chan/Kiwifarms, Operation Overlard, banning 5+ people thinking they were me. He hit all the high notes this year.




Just completely shit and pissed themselves when we showed up in <gbs>

Skullmund Experience

Assblasted that bad and dead site died and had a rolling melty even when Taylor was MIA for a few days. Amazing.


The TRANSgression then had a melty/ghost over CoD with a side helping of mod abuse

Bit of the Year

Quornes looking for the soda kid gif

Quornes asking via wormhole daily for a solid 2 weeks for this FUCKING gif. Would be real good if I could actually FIND the gif in question to use.

Tay Unchained

Me going around shitting on everyone in their discords and via PMs

JoeJo Thinking Capri Is Ashy

And Capri leaning into it

"Friends We Made Along The Way"

Maybe the real Bimmies were the friends we made along the way. Make sure to fully credit this to Bear.


b:immies Screenshot in July 2019 folder of everyones names being some variation. Also fucking Capri trying to subvert expectations or whatever

Black Box

Not a meme

Damn Imagine

Being born a twink

Happening of the Year

Dilbo/Prude Do Japan

Prude slamming some Asian strange, breaking his phone, possibly joining the Yakuza

Flight of the Touhous

Food, Dilb, and I joining the /vp/ server and actually making friends there all because they shitpost with us via Wormhole

Jack Gets Discord Banned


Jack Does Europe

The Waifu Wars

The waifu gacha bot in BEEFY BOYS is the real COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR. Use a picture of anime girls fighting?

Alts Trangression

We all saw this coming

The Swift Era Ends

For the first time in 12 years, a fat redneck isnt at the helm of the group

Battle of the Year

Mod of the Year


Running WTT


Being probably the only person who mods chat, taking initiative with the BB LP,


Running BB

Rookie of the Year


Damn imagine being born a twink


Mediating The Sauce Affair, calling TT a retard to his face, sharing his Discord Tranny Drama


He writes for The Guardian so he might write a hitpiece on us if we dont


Real One, anime nigga


Yall know why


High tier shitposting


All around King

Content Creator of the Year

  • Alt
  • Solgnir
  • Doc
  • Taylor

Waifu of the Year

  • Shuten
  • Raphtalia
  • Kaguya
  • Miru Tights Girls
  • Goose
  • Grey
  • Shiro

Best Bromance

  • Taylor/TT
  • Doc/Solgnir
  • Prude/Dilb
  • Jack/Sauce

Fallout 76 Player of the Year

  1. Bear in the Woods


  • Tays Secret Santa Gift
  • Rocketchat
  • Jack (for 2 months)
  • Something about wonka
  • lowtax discord
  • Kims pride
  • Taylor as leader
  • cute chick from dororo (mio)
  • Oz (again)
  • BroBot
  • Chaosorbs sanity
  • Negrostrike
  • Sauce (again)
  • Tiddies via Sony
  • Taylors internet (for a week)
  • Notre Dame (The church not the school) (but maybe also the school its not football season yet)
  • Projareds marriage
  • GoT
  • Nipsey Hussle
  • WTT VaughnLive (for the 5th time)
  • Division 2
  • Dlive
  • Something Chernobyl related
  • Jacks discord account
  • Yang Gang
  • Worlds Adrift
  • Bethesdas E3 Conference
  • Chaosorbs sanity
  • Negrostrike
  • Tays Old Office
  • Tays Waifus (Bear stealing waifus)
  • Those people that got herpes from bathwater
  • Mezs ICE Raid
  • Alexs NEETdom
  • Something about Real Taylor going full pozpill
  • The Zoomers
  • Taylors villagers
  • Skullmund
  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Mean Gene
  • Betos Presidential hopes (cringe spanish debate segment)
  • Orkles Bike
  • Alt (THE THINGS)
  • Taylor Swift Persona
  • Movie Night
  • That dude that necked himself because of ZQ
  • Wii U Shop
  • Auburns Playoff Hopes (Gus Freaking Out Pic)
  • The BMW Risk Game
  • Half of the NFL roster (Mass of injuries)
  • Bens Pride (GoFundMe)
  • Solgnirs Stream
  • Georgia Bulldogs (Taking an L from SCAR, Struggles against Kentucky)
  • Taylor (for a week)
  • Baghdadi
  • Tuas Ankle/Alabama ( :( )