The 2020 Bimmies/Candidates

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  • Eligibility for nominations are December 1st 2019 to November 30th 2020
  • Drop Bot of the Year?

Minority of the Year

  • Food

Bot of the Year

Bit of the Year

  • Capri, Lord of the Chairs - CST goes on a weird bit about stealing chairs (December 7th '19)
  • Classic - Classic BMW, nominating Bits in January

Battle of the Year

Waifu of the Year

Best Bromance

Mod of the Year

  • Orkle
  • Alex
  • Prude

Fallout 76 Player of the Year

  • Bear in the Woods

Goodest Boy

  • Summer
  • Zoey

Happening of the Year

  • Bimmer Bruiloft
  • Orkles Mod Reign
  • Waifu Wars Season 2
  • The Fencing of Mez

Best Streamy Boi

  • Doc
  • Taylor

Anime of the Year

  • Somali
  • In/Spectre

Game of the Year

  • Breakpoint
  • Arknight

Melty of the Year

  • The Skullmund Experience - (December 17th/18th) Joined BB, had a melty, pinged a bunch of people, ranted about bots logging messages
  • SA Troons

Rookie of the Year

  • Kanae
  • Eevee (technically new to BMW)

BEEFSTER of the Year

  • Capri Sun Tzu
  • Prude
  • Taylor

Bimmer of the Year

Spaceball Lifetime Achievement

  • Mez

Those We Lost

  • René Auberjonois
  • FYAD
  • That Iranian dude
  • PartyPlaneJones
  • Some Chinamen (Wuhan-chan)
  • Docs Street Shitter (Fired)
  • Kobe Bryant