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The WIDEVERSE Wiki is a comprehensive collection of knowledge regarding the combined groups and peoples of The WIDEVERSE. The Wiki is maintained via The Swift Archives and the COMMUNISM HISTORICAL SOCIETY.

Wiki History

The WIDEVERSE Wiki was started on January 6th 2018, as part of The Swift Archives ongoing commitment to cataloging and preserving all of WIDEVERSE history.

Early Years

In 2018 and parts fo 2019, the Wiki was mostly an afterthought. Very little support was given to the idea from BMW admins, and nobody had any desire to contribute outside of Taylor. Furthermore, as BMW was just coming off its big 2017 slump, there was little new to document. All in all, the Wiki was severely under manned

Revival Project

In Spring 2019, however, the group began popping off mostly in the form of BEEFY BOYS providing ample content and opportunities to expand the wiki. Several new authors were allowed in to contribute.

May 11th 2019 Vandalism Attempt

The Sauce Affair saw a massive attempt at vandalizing the website however, when The Sauce went through and blanked all the pages. However, the wiki had a two command maintenance script that restored the site back within 30 seconds.

The COMMIEVERSE Wiki Project

The purpose of the Wiki Project from the beginning has been to have a central repository for all files and information regarding the past history and ongoing exploits of the combined COMMIEVERSE