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Wtv rwb.png
WTTV logo in the style of vintage MTV by Jack
Launched3 March 2018 (2018-03-03)
Owned byTaylor Swift, formerly Rejdukien
LanguageEnglish (Japanese during Japanese QVC hours)
HeadquartersTaylors Attic Office
Formerly calledBMWTV, WTV

WTTV is the offical "television station" for WTT. Predominately used for movie nights, WTTV has become a staple in WTT culture and its creation marked the recovery from The Great 2017 Slump.


As part of the early 2018 efforts to revitalize WTT, Peaches floated the idea of a weekly movie night as a means to unify the community. IDeas were brainstormed on how to go about it, with Rabbit and Ustream being floated as options, along with Cytube and Vaughnlive. Taylor came up with an overly ambitious idea to have it run 24/7 with news and random shows in the time between scheduled movie nights, however this would prove eventually to be largly unfeasible, at least at the time. Rejdukien eventually would set up a Cytube and on March 3rd 2018, the first Saturday movie night was scheduled with a viewing of the 1974 Blaxploitation film Boss Nigger.

On April 4th, Wednesdays were designated as the anime movie night, with an airing of Jin-Roh. A few days later, on the 8th, WTTV would have its first live event with a stream of Wrestlemania via Ustream which peaked at 800~ viewers.

July 2018 Defacement

After the Incel Uprising, in a move of pettiness, Rej, as the creator of the Cytube, would deface it with Goatse and a butthurt message about Taylor bullying him. The channel was moved from r/WTT to r/WTTB with very little incident. The original remains up as a reminder to their stupidity and high school level antics.

Content Overhaul

With the begging of BMW 3.0, movie night was expanded from just Saturdays to Fridays and Saturdays, with comedy and drama movies respectively being the fare. Anime Wednesdays were continued, as well as the first Friday of every month being a Bad Movie Night, airing such classics as Freddie Got Fingered. Towards the end of the year however, movie night was moved back to just one night to avoid interfering with Game Nights.

Also, more live content was introduced with streams of football, wrestling, and LivePD via VaughnLive.

Theme Months

In 2019, the scheduling of movies was moved to more of a theme (ie Die Hard January, Blaxploitation February, etc.).

2019 Slump & Revival

After Taylors Abdication, Movie Night as well as game night temporarily fell to the wayside as new management took over. However, in the beginning of June, Alex reintroduced calendars and movie night was reborn, along with the return of WEIRD WEDNESDAYS and the post movie late night Toonami viewing, WTTV was back in full swing.

The start of football season took movie night and anime night into hiatus again, but as of October, initial plans were put into place to bring it back, potentially via Discord live streaming.


Movie Nights


  • March 3rd: Boss Nigger
  • March 10th: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • March 17th: Falling Down
  • March 24th: Coolhand Luke
  • March 31st: Snowpiercer
  • April 7th: Blazing Saddles
  • April 14th: The Prestige
  • April 21st: Goodfellas
  • April 28th: Hacksaw Ridge
  • May 12th: The Mist
  • May 20th: John Wick
  • May 26th: John Wick Chapter 2
  • June 2nd: Watchmen
  • June 9th: HEAT
  • June 23rd: The Raid: Redemption
  • July 14: Equilibrium
  • July 20th: Idiocracy
  • July 21st: Apocalypto
  • July 28th: Darkest Hour
  • August 3rd: The Room
  • August 4th: The Disaster Artist
  • August 10th: Spaceballs
  • August 11th: The Raid 2
  • August 17th: Freddy Got Fingered
  • August 18th: Revolver
  • August 24th: UHF
  • August 25th: Silence of the Lambs
  • August 31st: Van Wilder
  • September 1st: Kingdom of Heaven
  • September 7th: Dr. Strangelove
  • September 8th: Nightcrawler
  • September 14th: Major Payne
  • September 15th: O Brother Where Art Thou?
  • September 21st: The Lady Killers
  • September 22nd: Primer
  • September 28th: Monsters Inc (Cancelled)
  • September 29th: Dunkirk (Cancelled)


  • October 5th: Beetlejuice
  • October 7th: Red Dragon
  • October 14th: IT
  • October 19th: Ernest Scared Stupid
  • October 21st: Alien
  • October 26th: Army of Darkness
  • October 28th: Halloween

Nic Cage November

  • November 3rd: Lord of War
  • November 10th: Matchstick Men
  • November 17th: 8MM

Christmas Movies

  • December 7th: Home Alone
  • December 14th: Home Alone 2
  • December 21st: Christmas Vacation


Die Hard Month

  • January 4th: Die Harder
  • January 11th: Die Hard With A Vengeance
  • January 18th: Live Free or Die Hard
  • January 25th: A Good Day To Die Hard

African-American Film Month

  • February 1st: Shaft
  • February 8th: Friday
  • February 16th: Do The Right Thing
  • February 23rd: Black Panther

Keanu Reeves Appreciation Month

  • March 2nd: 47 Ronin
  • March 8th: Constantine
  • March 15th: Point Break
  • March 22nd: Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
  • March 29th: The Matrix

Stephen King April

  • April 5th: The Shining
  • April 12th: Shawshank (Cancelled)

Glass Trilogy May

  • May 3rd: Unbreakable

Korea June

  • June 1st: Old Boy
  • June 8th: I Saw The Devil
  • June 22nd: The Man From Nowhere
  • June 29th: The Wailing

Japanese July

  • July 6th: Battle Royale
  • July 13th: Seven Samurai
  • July 20th: Yojimbo
  • July 27th: Love Exposure (Replaced by Kimi no Na wa, because Love Exposure was like 5 hours long)

Hiatus August

  • No Movies


Anime Movie Night


  • April 4th: Jin-Roh
  • April 11th: Akira
  • July 15th: Gurren Lagan 1-12
  • July 17th: Summer 2018 Anime Sampler
  • July 22nd: Amagi Brilliant Park
  • August 5th: Symphogear G
  • August 12th: Cross Ange (The Greatest Anime Ever)
  • August 18th: Panty and Stocking
  • August 19th: More Cross Ange
  • August 26th: Spice & Wolf
  • September 5th: More Spice & Wolf
  • September 19th: Evangelion 1.0
  • September 26th: Girls Last Tour
  • September 28th: Evangelion 2.0
  • October 1st: Gintama


  • June 8th: After Movie Toonami Stream (Weekly until late August)


Special Events


  • February 4th: Super Bowl 52 (Pre-Cytube)
  • February 9th – Feb 25th, 2018: PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games (Pre-Cytube)
  • April 8th: Wrestlemania 34 (Ustream)
  • April 16th: Art Bell Marathon/Full Metal Jacket (WTT Remembers: Art Bell & R. Lee Ermey)
  • July 4th: Twilight Zone Marathon
  • August 2nd: Hall of Fame Game (NFL)
  • October: Obscure Horror VHS' via Buster
  • November 11th: Patton (Veterans Day)
  • November 22nd: Miracle on 34th Street (Thanksgiving)
  • December 24th: Die Hard (Christmas Eve)
  • December 31st - January 2nd: Twilight Zone Marathon


  • February 3rd: Super Bowl LII
  • April 7th: Wrestlemania 35
  • May 19th: Pigeons Game of Thrones Finale Watch Party (Rabbit)
  • June 12th: WEIRD WEDNESDAYS Return (Weekly)
  • July 4th: Twilight Zone Marathon
  • October 5th: Orkles Tales from the Crypt Streams (Discord)
  • October 17th: Bustrs Scary VHS Marathon (Cytube)
  • October 27th: Mr Robot premiere (Discord)
  • November 13th: Joker hosted by Orkle (Korean Hardsub) (Vaughn)


Live Programming

  • LivePD
  • AAF Football
  • NFL Football
  • Wrestlemania
  • NCAA Football