A Newbies Guide to The WIDEVERSE

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"Whats up my Biggers?"

So, you've stumbled upon our little slice of Purgatory have you? Well Dante, you're in for a world of stuff. Mostly autism, but a little bit of friendship (but 99.999% autism). So sit back, maybe get a HOT slice of pizza from the mall, and get to know what your therapist will be hearing about in 6 months.

Man, what the FUCK is The WIDEVERSE?

This might help explain some things but probably not.

The WIDEVERSE is the overarching name of the hundreds of people, groups, clans, and general parade of blunders from the past 20+ years. Beginning life as a Runescape clan in 2003, it morphed into COMMUNISM in 2007 when Shelarahn, our founding member, moved to World of Warcraft. It was here the real history The WIDEVERSE began, with the trolling rich environment of COMMUNISM serving as a launching board for all manner of shenanigry. The next 7 years were a tumultuous time of drama and falling outs between several different WoW guilds, including the infamous Friend Zone, until Shelarahn took control of COMMUNISM, leading it into its short lived revival until 2015, when in conjunction with several Rust clans from the SomethingAwful server, Goon Playground, who all had car theme names (ie. FORD, GM) combined forces and began raiding pubbies (derogatory term for non-group members) under the name BMW. The group renamed twice afterwards, first to Wrongthink Tank (shortened not long after to WTT) then finally to Wideboys, which is arguably the coolest name possible.

With the downturn in general of both mainstream culture, and internet culture, the WIDEVERSE has taken a different route, branching into content creation in Appalachia as well as creating a real life social network for young men in the Knoxville area under the collective name of widehaus.

OK, so what do yall DO exactly?

Man, what DON'T we do? We're DOERS, we DO things.




Taylors usual face while hosting The BEEF STREAM.

A weekly stream hosted by Taylor, Prude, Tony (and usually Solgnir) breaking down news both international and WIDE, as well as special guests from other notable members, as well as city reviews, anime and game reviews, and general banter. After the stream, there's a late night viewer driven AFTER DARK segment where the boys hang out with Biggers and viewers and game and just shoot the shit.


Our weekly sports talk show covering mostly football, but also WWE and any other relevent sports topics that may pique our fancy. Airing every Sunday night at Midnight EST hosted by Taylor and Tony (and again, usually Solgnir).

I'm still reading because I'm a masochist and/or autistic, where do I go for more info?

Glad you ask! If you're a real pipe hitting gamer word, then you'll want to delve deeper into the history and information about The WIDEVERSE. Try the following links for some HOT LOADS (of info):

  • People and Groups of the WIDEVERSE - A list of current and past members, rival and enemy groups, and other asspies
  • The WIDEVERSE Dictionary - The All Mighty Bimmer Lexicon to understand all our SUPER dated inside jokes and BAVE (Bigger American Vernacular English)
  • Conflicts of the WIDEVERSE - All the battles and trolls through the years we have done and had done upon us, but the latter is impossible because we are a little to high concept to be "got".

Ok, I'll join please don't hurt my family

Very cool my dude, if you've made it this far without dying of cringe you're probably a MASSIVE chad whos sexual prowess is renowned and potentially feared. Most your funs going to be had directly in The 'Cord


90% of our communication is done in Discord, because who doesn't these days?

The primary widehaus. Discord is @ https://wideboys.win/