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Welcome to The COMMIEVERSE Wiki,
A comprehensive tome of COMMIEverse knowledge and lore, stretching from The early aughts Runescape Era to the present.
There are currently 267 articles about this shitshow.

About The Wiki

The COMMIEVERSE Wiki is a comprehensive attempt at collecting and curating the combined history and happenings of COMMUNISM, Friend Zone, BMW, WTT, BEEFY BOYS, and WIDEBOYS (as well as their collective offshoots, predecessors, etc.) collectively known as the COMMIEVERSE.

Account creation is limited to known Bimmers because some retard tried to troll once but got owned by the rollback script. If you have any questions ask in #internal-affairs in Wideboys. Alternatively, DM Taylor on Discord.

Seeing info here that might be about you that you want removed? Easy! Are you a Bimmer? Talk to Taylor. Are you a disgraced former member or miscellaneous loser? Sucks, everything here is public knowledge. Deal with it.