Skirmish Of Wonka Plains

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The Skirmish Of Wonka Plains
DateMarch 16th, 2019
The Wonka Discord
WTT Wonkas
Commanders and leaders
Taylor The Wonkas

The Skirmish Of Wonka Plains was a battle in Discord. Originally entering as part of a Royal Peace Delegation from the WTT seeking to broker a fruitful non-aggression pact with The Wonka's.


Only 8 months had passed since the Civil War that split BMW. Tensions were still unresolved. The Sauce suggested that the WTT Bimmers join Wonkacord to attempt to resolve issues. Unbeknowst to them, this was part of a scheme by Sauce to further sour relations.

The Reunion

Taylor and Prude joined the Discord and were immediately met with a mixed reaction. Some were accepting, while others like Kimsemus and AssHaggis were less welcoming, claiming the duo were purely racist rabble rousers.


At some point, The Wonkas would ban all the WTT Bimmers, claiming "The circus was over". Whether this was due to The Sauce behind the scenes trying to stir shit or not was never revealed. The entire encounter did little to mend the damaged relationship, specifically that between Taylor and Rejd. Years later Taylor would express great remorse that the meeting fell through.