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FounderTempus Thales
ExtinctionOctober 6, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-10-06)
OwnerTempus Thales
Slogan"The primary Goon Discord Server for the Something Awful community. Goons and friends are welcome. LGBTQ+ safe social."

The Something Awful Discord is the the digital equivalent of the Tower of Babel, If it was packed but no one spoke. Originally a large and active discord, due to poor management, ideological purging, and constant purity tests, the discord is almost completely dead, outside of an active but unrelated Path of Exile clan. It is also the flagship Discord of Tempus and IAmKales "Goon Discord Network" or GDN.


Alliance with BMW

Increased BMW involvement with the Discord began in January of 2017, when TT and Rejdukien teamed up to make a Linux port for the Conan Exiles server executable. The project was successful, and the relationship between the two groups was fruitful, with many members of the SA Discord joining BMW and vice versa.

In time, TT promoted Taylor first to mod, then later to admin, in an effort to leverage his group leading skills to build the SA Discord even further. Many of the Goon community objected to this, most notably notorious butthurt moron and Vanilla Rust lover, Cheen. TT largely shrugged off the cries of MUH RACISM and MUH NAZIS, but began harboring anger towards Taylor in the form of jealousy that BMW continued to boom while SA Discord was shrinking. Tensions would continue to rise as Taylor and FAT32 clashed in admin chat almost weekly, and FAT using it to leverage TT into believing the source of the Discords problem was BMW and its associated "Nazis".

Bimmer Purge

TT lamenting the fact his Discord was dying.

In March of 2018, GESTAPO uncovered that TT and Kale had been secretly fuming over the fact that BMW was trending upwards while SA Discord remained stagnant. This only infuriated TT and turned him against Taylor, an anger exploited by FAT who, along with astroturfing a campaign to get Taylor banned from SA, convinced TT that he needed to remove Taylor and his loyalists and move the Discord in a more Goon friendly direction, and create a "safe space".

In the confusion, Prude who was still an admin in the Goon Anime Discord, nuked it. This only compounded the problems and TT took it upon himself to purge every last person who spoke up for the Bimmers, including people who werent even Bimmers. Even Kimsemus was briefly caught up in it.


TT realizes too late he's dumb.

After the initial honeymoon period where everyone jerked themselves off about purging le alt right Nazis, the activity level of the Discord plummeted. A majority in fact of the traffic took place in a private mod chat where the mods and admins were attempting to engage in character assassination against Taylor. However, after FAT had gotten Taylor banned, his interest in the Discord waned heavily and became mostly inactive after a few months.

For months the Discord was completely dead aside from a few regulars circlejerking about orange man bad.

TTs Foley

In early 2019, after a supposed suicide attempt by some rando Canuck Goon, Tempus took it upon himself to be the bastion of Goon mental health and set up the server so that members could alert moderators in the event of a similar incident. An unintended consequence of this was the role assigned during this process gave members access to an unused admin channel that Tempus and FAT had used to coordinate character assassination of Taylor of BMW in the wake of Taylors banning. MOTHER discovered this vulnerability and immediately archived the channel and started mocking TT. However, at the same time, other places such as Kiwifarms and 8chan, who had been drawn to TT in the wake of him sucking up to Lowtax, found the channel as well and spread the personal information stored within.

Instead of acknowledging the mistake he had made and apologizing for leaking all the information, Tempus did the dumbest thing possible and created a convoluted story about how Taylor had hacked BroBot and had secretly been logging everyones chats. This of course led to BroBot being removed from most Discords and eventually led to FAT32 being run out of most his communities.

Second Bimmer Purge

In the wake of FYAD being banned, SA Discord to began trying to reflect the status of the forums, in that it continued cucking out and being painfully cringe and unfunny. However, when it was revealed that PartyPlaneJones, an SA mod, had "secretly" been an active member of BMW, Tempus and mods took it on themselves to purge the remaining members of BMW from GDN and their affiliated Discords. However, this began to come back on TT, as Goons began calling out GDN for spying on the Discords it was in, somehow confusing TTs earlier lie about BroBot, claiming that that event had actually been Tempus and GDN instead of Taylor and BroBot.

Throwing Lowtax Under the Bus

When Lowtax got accused of beating his wife or raping someone or whatever, Tempus JUMPED at the opportunity to completely YEET Richard under the bus, going as far as to remove all mentions of Lowtax from GDN and the Discord and making it crystal clear they were in no way related. The Discord also underwent another round of sanitation, removing any slightly problematic channel names like "pc_master_race" and even adding a tranny cope channel. This all lead to a grand total of 2 active days, wherein the Discord quickly cratered back to a spattering of posts a day, despite now being above 5000 users.





  • TheGeneral
  • Adadad
  • Dodgin
  • Shirec
  • Suzera
  • Kimsemus (Former)
  • Vertebraker (Former)

Notable Melty Boys

  • Chaosorb (Banned)