SA Discord Incident

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The SA Discord Incident was a conflict that arose from rising admin tensions in SA Discord and Tempus Thales desperation to save his dying Discord that ironically resulted in its further collapse.


Tempus Thales, in an attempt to bolter his stagnate community, placed Taylor Swift of BMW and FAT32 of Serious Overchill as admins, hoping that their communities would become more involved in the SA Discord. This did not happen and instead both used the Discord purely as a battleground to fight their own battle that was raging against each other. The Discord did however enjoy some success during this time purely from the antics that ensued.

Taylors Ban

Just a few weeks after Taylors SomethingAwful ban, FAT32 managed to convince Taylor was the reason the Discord was daying, urging him to remove his admin position and later kick him.


After removing Taylor, the SA Discord died almost immediately. Activity hit an all time low, as TT would often complain. Relations between the two men would be sour for years, until their reunion after the Scouring of Tempus in 2021.