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ShadowVipers (Often mocked as ShadowWipers) was a World of Warcraft guild on Gorgonnash US in late 2007. Led by Xermus, the guild focused mostly on Vanilla raiding, as opposed to current content in Burning Crusade. The reasoning behind this publicly was to show new players the old raids that they might not have been able to see otherwise, but secretly the entire existence of the guild was for Xermus to get the legendary sword, Thunderfury, an item he felt he had been robbed of when he was an active raider in Vanilla.

ShadowVipers had a negative reputation within the Gorgonnash community, mostly for its acceptance of what was seen as "nooby" players as well as Xermus' reputation as a habitual liar. Eventually, the guild fell apart in July of 2007, with most of its active "raiders" going on to join other guilds. The guild itself would remain for years after, albeit as a shell of its former self.

Notable Members


  • Xermus, while the raid leader, was not actually the guild master, a fact that later led to the guild breaking apart.