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Midnight in the Desert logo
DateSeptember 16, 2013; 9 years ago (2013-09-16)

WEIRD WEDNESDAYS (later called FREAKY FRIDAY when it was rescheduled) were the nights the COMMIES and later Bimmers would listen to Dark Matter, and later, Midnight in the Desert, both featuring long time radio personality w:Art Bell.


The mascot of WEIRD WEDNESDAYS in Pigeons office.

In 2013, when Art Bell announced that he was returning to radio for the first time in years, the COMMIES who had in years past been passing fans of Art Bell and paranormal things in general were elated to hear the news. At the time, Shelarahn was on shitty DSL and couldnt restream the radio show at the time using RaidCall, so a plan as devised to use his church office computer to restream it via Twitch with the webcam on, showing a spookily lit 100 year old church at night, while listening to scary stories.

Art Bells first show, Dark Matter premiered on September 16th, 2013 but was cut short abruptly when Bell and SiriusXM couldnt reach an agreement on fixing the issues some of Bells listeners were having with internet streaming.

In 2015, Bell announced he would return on his own platform, called Dark Matter Digital Network. His new flagship show would be called Midnight In The Desert. The show premiered again in July of 2015, during the heyday of BMW. Taylor would often stream the show through his mic in Rust from atop the DREADFORT, much to the annoyance of Capitaler. Once again however, Bell would quit after only a few months, leaving some woman to host the show who wasnt even close to him in terms of quality. Art Bell later died in 2018.

In early June of 2019, Taylor decided to bring back WEIRD WEDNESDAYS, and on June 12th, the first WEIRD WEDNESDAY in 6 years was held. After a rocky few weeks due to TAYLORS INABILITY TO REMEMBER, the focus for WW was shifted from WTT to BEEFY BOYS, due to the content being more on brand for the latter. In addition, SPOOK CAM tm returned. Nevermind no it didnt because THERE WERE MORE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES REEEEE

With mounting technical difficulties, shifting schedules, and Taylors departure from the WTT mod team, WEIRD WEDNESDAYS was cancelled in September 2019.

As part of the renewal of BEEFYTV in the first quarter of 2020, WEIRD WEDNESDAYS was brought back full time, albiet sporadically over the next 2 years, before finally being abandoned.

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