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Agency overview
FormedJuly 8th, 2023
Motto"Meine Ehre heißt Treue"
Agency executives
Parent department[REDACTED]
Child agency

MOTHER (Formally known as MOTHER Mercenary Group) is a Private Intelligence Agency currently employed by [REDACTED]


MOTHERS fate was uncertain in the wake of [REDACTED] dissolving the agency in early 2023 and his departure from [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] approached [REDACTED], however, in July of 2023. Asking for his expertise in covert action and intelligence gathering.


The MOTHER Mercenary Group was officially founded on July 8th 2023 under the employ of [REDACTED]e, specifically to run operations against [REDACTED]

Agencies of MOTHER

  • BROTHER: Retooled from its previous incarnation, BROTHER existed in a several neutred state and is under constant development.
  • SISTER: Existing much in its previous capacity, SISTER is responsible for HUMINT. It is also charged with maintaining the revamped BLACK BOOK and BLACK VAULT.
  • NEPHEW: Tasked with developing technologies to further secure [REDACTED], specifically it's primary hub of communication: [REDACTED].
  • OEDIPUS: [REDACTED]'s previously highly classified personal intel network once known simply as FATHER.

Purpose and Philosophy

Unlike the previous MOTHER, MMG has no specific loyalties, and instead serves whoever will provide the most opportunities to fuck around. This is not to say MMG is disloyal, as its service to [REDACTED] is genuine, due to the friendship of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

Notable Events

  • July 8th 2023: MOTHER is reformed was a mercenary agency under [REDACTED]