The Swift Archives

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The Swift Archives
Dusty archive
A collection in The Swift Archive, probably holding something gay
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Former nameThe COMMIE Archives, Friend Vault
Established21 April 2012 (2012-04-21)
LocationTaylors Massive Collection of HDDs
Collection sizeSeveral hundreds of gigabytes
FounderTaylor Swift
HistorianTaylor Swift, Jack

The Swift Archives (see former names in info box) is a collection of the collected WIDEVERSE history as part of the COMMUNISM Historical Society. Including thousands of video clips, text files, website backups, images, game servers, and more, they all server to accurately represent certain times and points in the history of the WIDEVERSE. The archive serves as the primary contributors to The WIDEVERSE Wiki Project.


With the revival of the group with Friend Zone, our policy has become to record and keep copies of anything historically and culturally relevant so that no aspect of our shared histories are ever lost again, and to promote a future and develop a culture for future generations to build off of.

Taylor Swift

This stance on the collecting and maintaining of the groups history stems from the massive loss of information that occurred due to lack of foresight, carelessness, hard drive wipes, and system failures in the pre-Dark Ages. Almost none of the history of those early years exists outside of scarce and incomplete Ventrilo recording, old forum posts hosted on free sites, and WoW screenshots. As such, most of that history is lost and unable to be accurately immortalized as it is completely at the whim of the historians memory piecing together what scant evidence is available.

Foundation & Friend Vault

The concept of a cohesive collection of historically relevant materials began with the formation of Friend Zone in April of 2012 when Shelarahn began hosting the guilds website and doing graphic work for the group. At the time however, video recording wasnt as simple as it is now, and hardware limitations restricted video collection of most events, along with inexperience and lack of foresight, so even though the Friend Zone archives were well maintained, they were limited mostly to images and text. Varied PoVs exist from the late Friend Zone era, but are mostly irrelevant to the WIDEVERSE.

The COMMIE Archives

With the loss of Friend Zone from COMMUNISM control, the entirety of the Friend Vault was sealed and put into cold storage. A fresh archive was prepared for the newly revived COMMUNISM. This time around however, focus was put towards video media works, as opposed to just still images. Most of these videos are saved between the current archives and YouTube, even if some were lost during domain changeovers.

The Swift Archives

Curation of The Swift Archives began in May of 2015 as the Rust group began its daily rampages across Rust. Countless hours of video highlights began being made, mostly as footage for The Rusty Goons. Over time, the archive was also tasked with the preservation of screenshots from various Steam profiles and collecting Twitch vods from Bimmer streamers and Pubbie streamers that the group interacted with. Also preserved were various branding images and memes associated with the group.

The latter two archives were eventually merged into the collection as well, creating a comprehensive collection of all WIDEVERSE history.

The Xyelz Memorial Rust Collection

The most notable collection in The Swift Archives is known as The Xyelz Memorial Rust collection, named after "famed" streamer and former archenemy of BMW, Xyelz. The collection features nearly 900 clips totaling near 300 hours of footage from all eras of BMW Rust, including limited footage from COMMIE CREW Rust and various Rust outings post-BMW.

Many pieces of the collection have since been put together as video compilations, including man full length raid videos and The Saga of Salt, recounting the fights between Xyelz and BMW. Work is ongoing in an effort to bring more notable events to the public.

BMW Video Archive

On January 23rd, The Swift Archives began uploading all previously released and unreleased clips from the archives onto the old WTT YouTube channel. This would include videos that had previously been featured on Taylors YouTube channel, specifically The Rusty Goon series. Moving them to an archiving channel helped to further contextualize the involvement of Goons in The WIDEVERSE.

The Forbidden Archives & Black Vault

The Swift Archives also specializes in the handling of certain banned and illicit materials. Chief among these is the notorious 2007 work, The Twixy Tapes, which feature a young woman pleasuring herself in Ventrilo while reading erotic literature for 15-20 trade chat creeps.

A more recent edition is a copy of the Facebook stream of the Christchurch Shootings

The Black Vault serves as a mass repository for GESTAPO and its collection of intelligence regarding the well being and defense of WTT. The vault is set up to take in hourly mass discord channel dumps from surveyed discords and PMs, as well as a wealth of information on the more notorious elements and threats to the groups existence. As of October 2019, however, The Black Vault had been purged.

As of May 2020, THE BLACK VAULT was requisitioned by SISTER, and was no longer under The Swift Archives jurisdiction.

The Lost Archives

Many pieces have unfortunately been lost, mostly before the official beginning of the archives. Below is a short list of the more notable works of the WIDEVERSE that were lost:

  • Original Jorgan Confrontation Ventrilo Recording
  • Karazhan and Gruul Kill Videos
  • Most early COMMUNISM materials circa 2007-2010
  • Skyler nudes

Notable Releases


  • 481GB
  • 249,487 Files
  • 25,253 Folders
  • 700 Hours of video