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Jack on any given night
Other namesSimpleJack
OccupationCo-founder of BMW
Years active2015-Present
SuccessorJack 2
AlignmentTrue Neutral

Some asshole mostly known for his typos, heavy drinking, mopey sadbrains and garbage taste in music. Possibly gay. Secondary founder of BMW through being frequent player in OG goonion rust server back in ye olde legacy days. Universally nice person, hyper racist nazi incel faggotry aside.

Founder/architect of DETROIT 2.0 in legacy, the first DETROIT being a shitty dilapidated grouping of bases named as such because it was a run down pit filled with ferals and blacks.

Adherent of the "Security Through Obscurity" school of base building: either make it where no one can ever see or find it OR put the Loot Room in the midst of cluttered bullshit builds that may or may not have been raided already or be filled with traps.

DETROIT is the magnum opus design, where an island or peninsula is walled off in its entirety three times over, guard towers placed, an open kill zone with fencing and mines/beartraps, then more walls behind metal barricades. The central city is built collectively by all members of the group, with little to no coherence or organized design. This prevents attackers from seeing "valuable" targets, instead they only find a mess of shoddy builds not worth wasting C4 on. Most builds are personal stashes, dummy forts, or lethal trap houses.

Only raided once by 3O6, but it was more of a systematic extermination near the end of a wipe cycle and they burned an absolute ludicrous amount of C4 and rockets to do so and gained nothing except some token loot and an improved k/d ratio.

Left in March '19 due to rampant faggotry from Sauce. Returned while shitfaced 6 weeks later only to have Peaches immediately dip.