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ResidencePuerto Rico
Other namesLin Kurosawa
Years active2017-2020
Something Awful (Formerly)
AlignmentNeutral Evil
Awards2018 & 2019 Minority of the Year, 2019 Happening of the Year "Alts Transgression"

Alt was a former Bimmer and Goon most notable for their multi-year catfishing of DrCoathanger and having rolling melties. Originally presenting himself as a mute Latina woman, he was eventually outed as being not a woman, or more commonly referred to as a man (He was still Latino tho).


Guild Wars 2

Alt and Coathanger met while in the SA Guild Wars 2 group and bonded over their shared sads and disdain for the Tankies who were taking over the group.

Joining WTT

The duo was eventually forced out of the GW2 group for being "Nazis", but as luck would have it were recruited by Prude who just happened to be online when the purge was happening. Both were immediate fits into WrongThink Tank, and were active contributors to chat.

The Transgression and Meltys

In July of 2019, through certain circumstances, Coathanger worked out that Alt had been lying to him about his identity. This came as a shock to some people, but not to others who had been skeptical of Alts convenient muteness and overall shady behavior. Coat, being the Canadian and forgiving man, took the revelation well and forgave Alt. However, literally no one else in BMW did and used it to dunk on Alt endlessly. This led to Alt having a series of melties against anyone who pushed against him hard enough, specifically Succ, who Alt banned during The CoD Melty. Succ was quickly unbanned and Alt was relieved of his mod duties.

The rift between him and Succ however lasted for over a year, until on September 5th, 2020, Alt got into a fight with most the Bimmers over his tendency to block half of BMW, specifically Succ and BearInTheWoods. Alt, in usual fashion, made himself out to be the victim in all of it, and left. This broke the unwritten "Everyone Gets One" rule wherein every member is allowed atleast one all out meltdown and allowed to come back, all forgiven. As a result, Alt was permanently banned from BMW.