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Peaches arriving at the 2018 Bimmies
Morgan Freeman

(1937-06-01) June 1, 1937 (age 87)
ResidenceThe South
OccupationFormer Mod/Leader of WTT
Years active2015-2019, 2022-Present
PredecessorTaylor Swift
AlignmentNeutral Good

Peaches was the former leader of WTT and longtime mod and current beloved member of The WIDEVERSE.


Peaches joined BMW during the first wipe of Rusty Bottoms. His induction into the group came when he asked for a teleport to Taylor Swift who 10 seconds later forgot and gunned Peaches down out of fear, setting a good precedent. He would then remain a staple of the group for the next few years.

In March of 2019, with Taylors Abdication, Peaches became co-leader of WTT, along with AlexanderDeLarge. However, after The Sauce Affair, Peaches resigned.

Toward the end of 2019, Peaches came back into the WIDEVERSE orbit. He eventually fully returned in May of 2022 to the new community Discord.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike Prude, Peaches is actually internally black
  • Massive kpop stan