Tempus Thales

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Tempus Thales
Some shithole
Other namesTT, AwfulCitizen, Badr
EducationComputer Toucher Degree
OccupationApple Computer Toucher
Known forSnatching failure from the jaws of victory
Notable work
SomethingAwful Discord , Goon Discord Network, Literally one act of trolling in Albion Online

Goons don't just win, everyone can win. Goons win and totally demoralize. That is really winning.

Tempus Thales on statements he will never live up to.

Tempus Thales is the self appointed 'Community Leader' of the Goons and MMO thread reserver, known for cornering the market on niche MMOs to expand his community.

Early Career

Tempus began his career trying to shill t-shirts to Goons on offsite forums and stealing money from the Archeage clan bank.

SA Discord

Realizing the potential of the platform early on, TT established the unofficial SomethingAwful Discord in 2016. The project was immediatly successful, with SA Discord becoming a mainstay in the community with the highest member count until the rise of Serious Overchill and others. Part of TTs ongoing strategy for expanding was to enlist the help of other successful communities, including Taylor Swift and Kimsemus of BMW and FAT32 of Serious Overchill. This decision would later on directly pit both factions against each other, eventually culminating in BMW being banned from SA Discord, at FATs behest who himself would leave soon after.


Originally envisioned and programmed by IAmKale, GDN was a Discord bot that would authorize people to Goon Discords using their SA account, allowing Discords to be open to just Goons. The bot was an immediate success, which led Kale and TT to conspire to use the tool for spying.

Operation Overlard

In early April 2019, Tempus Thales accidentally revealed a secret admin channel while trying to do a role restructure in an effort to address potential mental health crisis'. The channel in question was the same that FAT32 and TT had conspired in to get rid of BMW and Taylor Swift. TT immediately went into damage control mode, and with the help of several unindicted co-conspirators hatched a plan to blame the whole thing on Taylor hacking BroBot, FAT32s bot. The plan caught on, but would eventually be used against him, citing that he had full knowledge of what Taylor was doing. These accusations against him would later be part of his undoing.


Tempus' downfall truly began in January of 2020 in the wake of The Troon Uprisings, when in an effort to virtue signal, brought unwanted attention to himself. The same people who had accused BMW of being Nazis turned the same rhetoric on Tempus, accusing him of being in bed with Taylor and company. Tempus, with the help of Kale, managed to squeak out of the accusations temporarily.

New World Disaster

On October 2nd, 2021, many members of Starfleet Dental began accusing Tempus in the w:New World thread of being a Nazi for allowing slurs to go through unabated in his Discord, as well as being a friend of DerVerrater and Taylor Swift. Within 2 days, Tempus was banned from SA by mods who were in SFD and willingly ceded control of his in-game clan.