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Reginald Winston Rothschild III

Windsor Palace
NationalityFilthy Anglo
OccupationComputer toucher/brown girl toucher
Notable work
The Creation Of BMW
Height5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight122 lb (55 kg)
TitleTurbo Nerd
Partner(s)Probably dark
ChildrenGod I hope not

I am the Bone of my Troll

Shitpost is my Body and meme is my Blood I have created over nine thousand shitposts Unaware of alts, Nor aware of 7 proxies. Have withstood bans to create many lulz Yet those bans will never stop shitposting. So, as I type

Unlimited troll Works

DerVerrater on Some shit post he made in General

DerVerrater otherwise known as Verr, is considered a complete and total Turbo Nerd who could never even hope to challenge the legendary and great SoulsOnWheels aka Dr. Wheels in Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64 and creator of the group known as BMW, Wow Wheels is so great, what a great guy big fan of that guy. Not a big fan of Verr.

Creation Of BMW

Confirmed true creator of BMW.

The method to which this was achieved was done using the power temporis formed of a half bottle of Jamesons Whiskey and a dirty lake near his home. Der set about every motion leading to both the creation of BMW and his own joining of WTT in a plan Xanatos would be proud of.


Though one of the younger members of BMW Der possesses an extensive amount of experience in all known forms of trolling/cyber combat and some of the widest game exposure and capabilities lagging behind only Alex and Taylor.

Der is noted for his free agent status and willingness to commit to any cause 'For the lulz' even if the cause does not effect him or could potentially negatively effect him (See:Brexit).

Trolling Education

Der received a practical education in the art under several anonymous masters during the golden age of 4chan, Formal battle education on the fields of Habbo. Spiritual mentorship from fellow Irishman Oscar Wilde and IRL trolling experiences by virtue of being an Irish teen.

WTT Career

Der joined WTT on the back of collateral damage during a successful troll and subsequent melty from ChaosOrb on the SA Discord accidentally got his Amour Riso placed into quarantine on the afore mentioned server. This action spurred on by the dead and uninvolved nature of the server lead to Der exploring the avenues of WTT eventually deciding to settle.

Recorded Battles

Known Relationships


"Riso is bae, Riso is Life" - DerVerrater on Riso


Flake and Der have a noted love hate relationship in spite of this they are undoubtedly the power couple of WTT.

Originally established as Der performing his civic duty to outreach to the mentally infirm for a round of For The King the relationship quickly soured due to flake arriving over 2 hours late for the game, Throwing the match and insisting he was a Pirate before having the pair consumed by the kraken.

Flakes Abuela

It is rumoured that Der and Flakes Abuela once spent a passionate night together in Venice which left them both forever changed and a little less whole any time they are apart from each other