Goose Migration

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The Goose Migration

Artists recreation of the battle between BMW Commander Taylor Swift, and the fleeing forces of GeeseCo (2018, Colorized)
DateMay 18th, 2018
Result Embarrassing scene for GeeseCo, BMW suspends SA Rapefugee Program, multiple splinter Discords, GeeseCo branded as Pedos
 WTT GeeseCo
Commanders and leaders
Taylor Swift Tallgeese
Units involved
200+ Autists 10~ pearl clutchers

The Goose Migration (Sometimes called The Tallgeese Affair) was a melty of cataclysmic proportions by a cabal of Something Awful posters referred to as GeeseCo. After a monumental misunderstanding, GeeseCo labelled all of BMW as pedos and pedo apologists and split off into their own Discord (that later split off of itself again one or two times).


After a period of stagnation, Taylor tasked Prude with a project called The SA Rapefugee Program, an outreach program to Goons from the GBS board on SomethingAwful who leaned Right or expressed wrong think and were being wrongly persecuted, silenced, or ostracized, as was in line with the mission statement of Wrongthink Tank. Initially, the program experience much success, reaching out to countless Goons such as Alt, DrCoathangermd, ThePerminator, etc. However, many of the rapefugees did not properly integrate with the culture of BMW (shocker), and this led to many misunderstandings and tensions within the group.

Namely, one of the ongoing tensions was regarding Prudes love for traps, men who dress as women and pass as women, thus leading people to believe they are actually women, or trapping them into that belief. This was perceived as many as at best weird and at worst, possibly a signal that Prude was a pedophile due to Prudes innate inability to express his position without going full retard.


On the evening of May 18th, in #srs-pol, GeeseCo began grilling Prude on his love for traps. Prude explained in great detail his exact reasoning for his attraction, and GeeseCo responded by going full retard and slinging accusations of pedophilia at Prude and labeling anyone that dared to counteract their meltdown with the title of pedo apologist. Taylor was out for his evening jog, and when he came back online to try and quell the shitstorm, GeeseCo was already worked into such a furor that nothing would stop their rage. Also noted that none of the other 5 admins online even attempted to de-escalate the matter.

Tallgeese left BMW first, quickly followed by his primary bootlicker and fellow rape victim, Deadscholar. Tallgeeses "girlfriend" and a few other brownnosers soon followed as they unsuccessfully tried to poach more members. A few joined, mainly to watch their meltdown firsthand.


After the dust had settled, Taylor decided to end the SA Rapefugee Program, as the bad at this point was massively outweighing the good it had done for BMW. The GeeseCo discord started by DeadScholar saw a brief flash of activity, before turning into a sad little circlejerk of 3-4 people.

The real aftermath came a few weeks later when Tallgeese was branded a pedophile himself by users of the GBS forum, and as a result his entire discord fell apart and split again, forcing DeadScholar to close his and join the exact same Discord but one that Tallgeese had made. Very sad, cucking out like that.

A few months later, Taylor reached out to DeadScholar in an attempt to bury the hatchet, only to find they were still FULL retard. (Link to conversation)