Siege of Lowtaxia

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Siege of Lowtaxia

Newly arrived Goon immigrants to Lowtaxs Discord survey the ruins and hentai shitposts.
DateAugust 28th 2017 - March 19th 2019
Lowtaxes Discord
Result Banning of Bimmers, Burning of the hentai library.
 WTT Goons
Commanders and leaders
WTTTaylor Swift
Lowtaxes DiscordLowtax
SA DiscordTT
10~ lewd shitposters 500 Goons
Casualties and losses
Taylor, Alt, and Jack banned. Lowtaxs remaining self respect

The Siege of Lowtaxia was a battle between the shitposters of BMW and the Goons of Lowtaxes official Discord. It is considered one of the precursor battles to Clown World War I.


On August 28th, 2017, Prude discovered that Lowtaxes "private Patreon only" Discord was infact not exclusive but open to anyone that join via the invite link. General Taylor immediately deployed the 101st Shitposting Divison to attack. Within hours, the Discord was a smoking heap of casual racism, shitposts, and hentai. The attack lasted for months.

On February 25th, 2018, Lowtax himself eventually joined the fray to try and stem the shitposts, but all for naught. He soon retreated once again, abandoning the discord.

Alts Assault

In mid-July of 2018, noted angry Latina, Alt fired a volley straight at Lowtax, once again forcing him out of hiding. The resulting treating saw Lowtax banning all political threads and talk from GBS.

Breaking of the Siege

March 12th, 2019 saw Lowtax finally reach out for help in the form of begging for money en mass from the usual suspects. One of those that responded to his calls was TT, who promptly convinced LowT to ban the Bimmers and institute his tyrannical GDN bot over the server. The old primary channel was purged, resulting in the loss of years of finely curated hentai.


The siege was broken and a flood of sadbrain TDS suffering Goons flooded the server, leading to an influx of activity that lasted for all of 2 days until the Discord was dead again.