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Senntisten or Desert Base was the first permanent base established on Gorzhakcraft on July 19th, 2019.

Senntisten Village

Senntisten Village at night, after the bombing. The unlit house on the left with the wood floor was the first base established by Gorzhak.

The procgen Villager Village of Senntisten was first found right after the server was created because of its extremely close proximity to the spawn point, being directly northeast by only a few chunks. As a temporary shelter, a house was taken over, gutten, and remodeled with wood floors and a basement. When Taylor joined the server, however, the main base was quickly moved to the Temple.

On August 4th, when Jack and Cynthia_Dutch joined, the town was massively bombed with TNT from Senntisten Temple as well as a few other temples that had been raided. Afterwards any useful pieces of loot were striped from the village, and it eventually fell into complete disuse as mobs killed the villagers over time and most of the players moved on from the Temple.

Senntisten Temple

Aerial view of the Temple with tree grove visible, as well as the Joergen Memorial Bridge.

The Temple was originally buried all the way up to the roof, obscuring it from view from the village, however over time it was excavated and the TNT trap removed, allowing it to be used as a more permanent base. The upper tier of the pyramid was turned into a bedroom, with exterior doors that let out to ground level. The bottom floor was renovated with stained glass replacing the colored clay blocks, revealing the shaft underneath. The main floor was the main hub of activity for the base, with 5-6 boxes for all the necessities, as well as enchanting station, potion making area, and access to a mine shaft that led into a lucrative mine and ravine.

Around the outside perimeter of the trap shaft, a stairwell led down to the very bottom. Halfway down areas for growing Nether Wart was installed, with a bridge traversing the shaft. At the bottom a Nether Portal was installed that led to the Nether Hub.

Outside was a rather massive tree grove, as trees dont naturally grow in the desert, and a bridge (named the Joergen Memorial Bridge, after PewDiePies horse) that crossed the river next to the temple. Also just ouside the Temple was a second Nether portal for taking horses into the nether, as well a small stable area for keeping said horses.

However, the base fell into disuse first as JackTown was built and Taylor and Gorzhak built their respective bases elsewhere. It was completely abandoned after the spawn point was moved to JackTown, and the remaining loot was removed.

Original Spawn

The memorial marking the location of the original spawn point.

The original spawn point for the server was a small green oasis in the middle of the desert with a single large oak tree in the middle and a small pool of water. It remained there for a few days before the spawn point was first moved to the Temple and then ultimately to JackTown.

On August 4th, 2019, Taylor built a small memorial garden to mark the location of the spawn point.


The desert completely surrounding the village and temple was expansive but mostly empty, a few other temples dotted the landscape, as well as some rivers and wells, but no other villages in the immediate area.

A small cave just west of spawn holds a temporary dwelling that Gorzhak set up in, putting down crafting tables and digging a shaft that went down to a raven. A tunnel in the back of the cave goes to the other side of the sand dune, overlooking Senntisten Village.