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SuccessorGorzhakcraft 2
FormationJuly 19, 2019; 4 years ago (2019-07-19)
ExtinctionJuly 8, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-07-08)
StatusClosed after release of 1.17,
revived as the primary map of WIDECRAFT

Buhuistan (previously referred to by its server name GorzhakCraft) was the primary Minecraft map for the long running GorzhakCraft project and is currently the primary map for the WIDECRAFT server.


The server began when Gorzhak recovered his hacked Mojang account from a white trash Russian [1] who had purchased a month of Realms[2]. He off handily pitched the idea to start doing a co-op play with Taylor Swift. The project quickly gained traction with other Bimmers and Gorzhaks Norwegian friends.

On December 2019, however, the server was taken offline after interest waned. Plans were made and beta tested to add mods to the map, but got little traction due to memory leak issues and slow mod updates. Regardless, the server has seen multiple periods of uptime since the original take down.

As of October 24 2021, the map now permanently resides on the WIDECRAFT server as the primary world.




View from the XP Farm over JackTown.

Originally a small Savannah biome village, JackTown was heavily remodeled as a starter/spawn town for the server. Jack, obviously, put in most of the effort developing the town and its walls. Additionally, the nether portal used to arrive in the village, which had appeared in a tree, was made more accessible by the construction of a surrounding ziggurat, later renamed The Biggurat. In the base of the Biggurat, a full fledged spawn area was prepared with all the features and items needed for players starting out. The farm was eventually phased out in favor of smaller versions that could fit in anyones base.

To the south of the town, Taylor built a no mob XP farm[3], utilizing cactus and bamboo. The original design didnt allow for the production of enough bamboo, so it was eventually quadrupled in size. Eventually however, with the discovery of a much more compact and efficient model, the XP Farm was shuttered.


The Temple at Senntisten, the starter base of the server.

A desert village only a few chunks northwest of the spawn, Senntisten was the first area colonized by Gorzhak and Taylor. Named after the desert adjacent temple and city from Runescape lore, the nearby desert temple was used as the duos home base in the early stages of the server and briefly served as a spawn point.

Part of the town was blown up on July 22nd by Cynthia aka Ahmeds_Taubers (Cynthia's account had also been hacked, and the skin had been changed to that of a Middle Eastern man wearing a w:thawb and w:keffiyeh, using a glut of TNT that had been harvested from multiple Desert Temples. (Never forget the 6 gorillion villages oy vey)

The temple became mostly abandoned after the construction of JackTown and many of the bases amenities were relocated there or into the Nether Nexus.

The Nether

Through Gorzhaks extensive autism, the nether was transformed from barren wasteland with little to no value, into a barren wasteland that has highways to the major locations on the map.

The center of all these highways, the Nether Nexus, its attached to a portal in the basement of the Temple at Senntisten, and features an enchanting table, nether wart farm, and minecart tram to JackTown.

With Update 1.16, The Nether Update, the original Nether was completely regenerated, erasing all existing structures and highways.

Dolphin Vape Cave

The main atrium of The Vape Cave showing the moon pool and spiral staircase.

Gorzhak, being the cave dweller he is, envisioned an underwater cave base that was completely hidden while also being accessible via the sea. He used the Nether highway to make this possible, then tasked Jack with clearing out the cavern to start the process. The base would later be expanded to several floors all connected with a spiral staircase, linking the lower storage levels and mines, with the mid-level atrium and the upper living area.

Later on, a large cavern was excavated for future construction and the lower mines were extensively fleshed out to accommodate villagers, a slime farm, and another Personal XP device.


Taylorsville and the workshop before the move.

While searching for the jungle to obtain bamboo for the XP Farm Project, Taylor happened across a taiga biome village nested in a small valley between hills. In the side of one of the hills, Taylor built a small way-station base just to drop off materials and rest. The journey would later prove unsuccessful, but the location was good for a more permanent base. Later on, Taylor would develop the station into a full fledged base with a large farm, ranch, and Villager detention facility. However, as the base expanded, it became increasingly difficult to use the space inside the mountain, especially when it came to redstone contraptions such as the Personal XP Farm. Most of the base would be torn down and moved when Taylor moved his main base to New Southland on August 13th.

New Southland

New Southland at night. Visible is farm complex and pool house, as well as mob farm.

After the Woodlands Mansions was cleared by Taylor on August 9th, he decided to move his entire operation there instead of continuing at the taiga workshop. Mostly motivated by a larger space with which to work, the move was made easier by a minecart tram and a convoy of chest minecarts. The inside was heavily remodeled and retrofitted to fit everyday use. Changes included building a small village for villager breeding, complete with a drop down into a holding facility to zombify villagers then cure them.

On the top floor, a Personal XP device was installed, complete with auto-destroying furnance for the green dye overrun. On the roof, a massive Mob Drop farm was built that dropped mobs from several stories in a room fit to collect their drops via hoppers. Also on the top floor, the personal quarters and study for Taylor was built, with optional room to expand for future mods installations.

On the perimeter of the complex, a riverwalk area was built with a bridge extending across the Black Warrior River to a large flattened area for future purposes. Closer to the mansion, a large swimming pool and poolhouse were built in the style of the mansion itself.

In early September, a large plot of land was deforested and flattened to make way for a large village to be constructed that would lead to a new entrance to the mansion.


In January of 2021, Taylor set off in search of a new challenge, having grown tired of the tedium of New Southlands infinite resources and lack of challenge.

Bears Compound

The Bear Compound (Note: not in the woods)

Jack Island

The Jack Shack