Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is a Loot Shooter by Bungie


BMW Clan

Destiny 2 had been an objective for BMW since the failure of Conan Exiles, and was expected to bring the group of its 2017 slump. Problems arose before launch, as the expected collaboration between SA Discord and BMW fell through, with the former insisting on having their own clan and infrastructure. This act was the catalyst for AlexanderDeLarge being more active in BMW than SA Discord. Future stepped up early as a central figure for the group, taking charge in leading, despite initially campaigning for BMW joining a larger guild. By December, the group had a solid raid team, but was making little progress due to personnel members and poor leadership.


By New Years of 2018, at Futures insisting, the BMW raid team merged with another clan of similar size to fill out the roster. Taylor was adamant against the move, but was overruled. The merger proved to be an absolute failure, as the clan that had absorbed BMW also had a slew of problems similar to BMW, most notably personnel and faulty raid leadership. The raid group, as well as both clans eventually fell apart in the weeks after the merger.

2nd Attempt