Vintage Story

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Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
ReleaseFebruary 2016 (Alpha)
Genre(s)Wilderness Survival Sandbox
Mode(s)Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Vintage Story is a survival sandbox game that is currently under development.


Vintage Story is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes. Find yourself in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances. Relive the advent of human civilization, or take your own path.


First Map

The first dirt hut. Sad!

The first map of the Widelandia server was a randomly generated map that spawned the Bimmers in a swamp. Hardships abounded, including picking a fight with a Trader who slaughtered the crew. A ramshackle dirt hut was thrown together for the first night, but was decided the struggle was too much, and a better map was needed.

Second Map

Aerial shot of the original base, after it was abandoned.

The second map was more fruitful, generated from a seed given by Jack, the crew started in a savannah and set up a starter shack on a comfy lake. However, hyenas preyed on the group endlessly, until ScubaSteve dug a Hyena Pit to trap all the little bastards. After a day, a bug was discovered where food and ore wouldn't spawn within so far of the spawn, so the decision was made to move the base from the savannah lake to an ruined outpost discovered by renowned explorer and adventurer, Taylor. The Explorers Guild, as it was called, was refurbished and overhauled to be a new based. Farms sprung up around the base and a highway system, named the Jeffrey E. Epstein Memorial Highway, was built to link it and the old base.

Aerial shot of the Explorers Guild compound.

Succ, in typical fashion, ran off to create his own base. Orkle too went off, but near enough to the Bimmer compound.

Third Map

Aerial shot of The Monastery near its peak

The third and final map was much more ambitious. Spearheaded by Jack, the new central based was dubbed "The Monastary" and was an impressive sprawling complex that dwarfed The Explorers Guild. A new Explorers Guild was later set up by Taylor and Gorzhak, though Taylor would later give up on the server after his road project was unjustly ridiculed. Gorzhak and his Norwegian friends would play on the server for some months after most of the WIDEBOYS had quit.

Unfortunately, all 3 maps were eventually lost due to changes in Vintage Stories formatting of worlds.