The Rocket Project

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The Rocket Project was a brief experiment started on December 27th 2018 and extending until early March 2019 after Taylor removed all political chat from the main WTT server.


As part of a months long overhauling of the WTT brand, political discussions were banned from the main Discord with the intention of moving them to an alternative platform. Several were tested, but Rocket.Chat, as suggested by ADL, was eventually chosen.

Initial reception to the platform was positive, but overtime its shortcomings became clear. Lack of embedding support, obtuse UI, and overbearing encryption methods led to traffic coming to a standstill in late January of 2019.

Rebirth of BEEFY BOYS

Around March of 2020, the Rocket was all but dead. An executive decision was made by BMW brass to resurrect the old COMMUNISM Discord, rebranded to BEEFY BOYS after the 2nd COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR.